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Our Purpose

  • To deliver high quality electrical and ancillary products, supported by on-time delivery and excellent service
  • To produce profit returns and growth factors commensurate  with our requirements to secure the future of all our employees
  • To ensure quality in the workplace so that no individual shall be denied promotion or employment opportunities for reasons unrelated to ability
  • To provide the means and resources to promote education and training programs aimed at the development of our employees to attain their true potential in order to satisfy the future human resource needs of the organisation

Our Values

  • To provide outstanding customer service
  • To promote exceptional quality in our product
  • To promote pride in what we do
  • To develop a climate of trust and respect amongst all employees

Our Goals

  • To achieve and maintain excellent customer relations
  • To motivate all the employees by promoting a feeling of belonging to a successful team.
  • To maintain a respectable position in the South African cable and electrical market
  • To strive for goals that are recognised as rewarding and worthwhile to both the company and the individual.
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